Prophetic Words for 2021 -22 (Spoken in January 2021)

  1. Scripture Romans 12:2 / Luke 3:4-5
  2. A time of perfect alignment
  3. Prepare for transformation (glory) out of transition
  4. Rotation; Translation; Reflection; Dilation.
  5. A season of Translation
  6. Lost opportunities to be regained
  7. A decade of geometric transformation
  8. Things are being done in 4s, 40s, 400s.
  9. A time of revolutionary commonwealth
  10. A time of investment in EVs, Self-Driving vehicles, lithium ion.
  11. A return to the roaring 20s
  12. A time of invention
  13. Recovery from global financial implosion in the 3rd to 4th quarter and last to early 2024.
  14. Words such as unity, diplomacy, democracy, republic, freedom, rights will be heard.
  15. Demand for human rights observance in China internally and externally.
  16. Wave of glory to hit New Zealand and parts of Australia. The East will
    experience the transformation first. Unusual signs and wonders and worship.
  17. Upheaval in Thailand concerning rights and freedoms.
  18. Indonesia will experience a massive wave of glory but also in the natural. A
    small ray of light will shine. Salvation of souls in 3rd and 4th quarter for both
    Thailand and Indonesia.
  19. India’s government will have more pressure as a populist and nationalist
    entity. Transition will take place in India and it will manifest in 2024.
  20. Russia will be a silent partner and a shift in some leadership. A Façade of
    agreements will occur. There will be more diplomatic and strategic tactics
    spoken of in 2020 into 2021 and even to 1st quarter of 2022.
  21. Turkey is as on a board playing a game to win every opponent. DANGER!
    Strong muscles! Being threatened but fighting back and maintaining
    sovereignty. They will refuse to back down in the game even though it looks
    like they can lose. Unlikely bonds will emerge.
  22. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan will have young people in particular one person being raised as part of a dangerous group. This will be made manifest within the 4 year period.
  23. In Europe there is a further pulling away of the Gospel.
  24. The wave of glory will also hit West, Central and East Africa as well as parts
    of South Africa by the 3rd and 4th quarter. However, there is much sadness, upheaval, death and witchcraft.
  25. In the US, It was said that a new leader will emerge and the purpose of this
    leader was to bring increased prayer and a cry for the Lord. There will be this
    non-partisan church who will be on fire for Jesus as was said. This began in
    the latter part of 2020.
  26. The evangelical leaders will begin to understand God’s ways and He is more
    concerned with the heart and integrity of a man that the outward work of man.
  27. This was spoken in 2020 and it will increase greatly in 2021. The true church
    of Jesus Christ will come forth. Spiritual eyes will be opened.
  28. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: It was said that the economy will have a slight boost
    with greater emphasis on infrastructure and the construction industry. In the
    November report, there was a sharp contraction in the Q2 and beginning of
    Q3 because of social distancing. However, from the 2nd part of the 3rd
    quarter September “domestic momentum picked up in CEMENT and MOTOR VEHICLE SALES, suggesting stronger construction activity and private consumption respectively.” – T&T domestic outlook. Another article said, “The Central Bank said the domestic economy remained ‘subdued’ for Q3 but there were signs of resurgence of construction – public works and home repairs and
    manufacturing. As the year comes to a close there are indications that other
    private businesses are adapting their processes…” Daily Express.
    The lifting of restrictions in October of almost all sectors began to turn the
    economy around in the Q4. It will be the Q1 of 2021 we will see that growth.
    Remember, the Q2 and Q3 was said to have IMPLOSIONS and we will only
    see the growth from the 4th quarter. Real Estate has had a boost as rental
    prices began to stabilize to realistic figures as well as sales.
    It was also said of T&T that there would be a greater need for Social Services.
    It was definitely so as a result of the shutting down of the nation, many jobs
    were lost. Actually, I was supposed to speak about job losses in 2020
    prophetic word and I completely forgot.
    It was said that crime will not change but detection will. There has been a
    greater detection rate for 2020 than other years. Also, it was said that the
    murder rate will decrease slightly as it has. However, gangs will be more
    active and seek more members which unfortunately has also happened.
    Stimulation for the birth and rebirth of small and medium sized businesses
    which had happened by the government.
    Trinidad & Tobago will have some economic growth and stabilization in many areas. The cry for diversification spoken of for 2020 must be acted on
    In terms of weather, there will be no change. The DRY season will not be so
    DRY. The WET season will be very wet and the hurricane season will be very
    active but in this year, unlike 2020, more of the hurricanes and tropical storms will strike land. There will also be unusual patterns in the trajectory of the storms.
  29. It was said that from the 4th quarter, we would see a significant decrease in
    the COVID-19 and we saw it. Also, that there would be the surprise for
    December of the vaccine and it came to pass.
    We look forward to the end of the Q2 of 2021 to experience the ability to
    breathe easier in many more nations. FEAR NOT concerning the VACCINES! There many be some slight reactions to a few people as with all vaccines but
    fear NOT! Nevertheless, whether you take or don’t take, you are covered. If it
    is required for travel, you are covered. Do not listen to Pervasive propaganda
    that will persist through to the Q2 2021.
    Let me close by saying that based on the meanings of the word ALIGN, to
    arrange in a correct position and secondly to be in agreement or alliance, I see the word ALLIANCE very often.
    There will be AGREEMENTS and ALLIANCES on the WORLD STAGE as
    never before. It will astound even the most skeptical. A YEAR OF
    AGREEMENTS and ALLIANCES that will last for the duration of the 4 years
    and renewed and increased in cycles according to the Feast seasons.
    ü World leaders in alliance. UNITY OF POSITION previously not in
  30.  Homes in agreement.
  31. Churches in agreement.
  32. Spouses in agreement.
  33. Governmental agencies will not work unilaterally. There would be Unity
    and agreement.


Prophetic Words for 2020-2021. (Spoken in January 2020)

  1. Year of the page-turner. Nothing will be the same.
  2. Scripture for the year is Genesis 50:20.
  3. Pervasive Propaganda. A lying spirit has been loosed.
  4. A year of Improvisation, innovation and invention. Improvisation (not one
    method of doing something); innovation (brainstorm as change is here);
    invention (new process).
  5. Align, Arise, Adapt & Adjust.
  6. Spikes and surges in the Stock Market and WTI Crude Oil.
  7. Increased divorces and domestic violence.
  8. IMPLOSION: External factors affect several internal economies.
  9. A year of conditions. Build a window as Noah.
  10. A year of being in an arc (lockdown).
  11. Look at the East window and shoot the arrow towards the East. 2 Kings 13.
    The warfare begins in the East.
  12. A year of the Word and Warfare.
  13. A year of PESTILENCE and UNUSUAL DISEASES. Genetic
    engineering/modification in a lab, DNA modification to cause pestilence.
  14. Pharmaceutical companies would RACE for a cure/drug to deal with it. There
    would be a great deal of investment into the pharmaceutical industry for this.
  15. Q2 and Q3 of the year will be implosive as all these external factors will affect
    economies as well as society.
  16. A year of prophetic pre-emptive strikes.
  17. Passover to Pentecost will begin to see a scroll open from the East to bring
    healing to the nations in the East.
  18. God will give the strategies. Take offensive measures.
  19. China’s economy will have growth in the Q3.
  20. A year of suddenly! Suddenly events will happen. Suddenly eyes will be
    opened and the passion for prayer and worship.
  21. Teshuvah (August) 2019 just before Tabernacles, I said we are about to enter
    into a TRANSITION TIME (a period of changing from one state into another
    state). Transition may leave an empty space (lockdown, isolation), but it is
    intended to prepare us for what is coming (spoken 18.8.2019). Transition is in 2020-2021…

May 11th, 2021

“Have I not told you, has it not been spoken to you My children to lock away with Me? I long for you to seek Me and cry out for Me. It is My desire for you to need Me. Look not on the things of this earth for it will all fade away, but set your face above for surely I will open a window for you to see. 

Can you see? Do you hear? I am coming soon for those whom My Father has given to Me. Prepare yourselves, go and preach My Word. It is a time of geometric transformation. You will come out of the TRANSITION of this pandemic and you will enter into a time of TRANSFORMATION.

Listen for surely I am speaking. You are a part of My REVOLUTIONARY COMMONWEALTH and I will bring forth a people out of the ROTATION from the 3rd Quarter of 2021 who will understand My ways and humble themselves. There will be a PERFECT ALIGNMENT I am bringing forth that will come out of 4 lines of symmetry. Get ready My people for the end of ROTATION and the beginning of TRANSLATION, REFLECTION and DILATION. 

There will be a shift in location and a time of agreement in the Spirit Realm toward the end of 2021. Look for AGREEMENT in nations, AGREEMENT in families, AGREEMENT in the handling of the pandemic. Look for a people who will come in AGREEMENT with Me. Get ready for the TRANSLATION,” says the Lord Jesus Christ.