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I want to give God thanks and praise for allowing me this opportunity to sit and get to KNOW HIM in this time in E-College, this has being a life line for me.

I am praying about somethings and not getting an answer, so there  is a sense of anxiety ,but in class on Monday 7th June when MOM was explaining Genesis 16:5-10 ( praying and asking God and not hearing )

I now understand  that God ask us question and why HE does it. Thanks so much for the explanation that helps me to understand the WORD in a greater way. Also the message Sunday had me in tears.



Sheriffa Baldeo

Hi Good Day every one, my name is Sheril Bowyer and just want to say that this is my first time joining a class on zoom, or even venturing out to do something like this, but when I read on fb about the E-College with Prophet Charmaine Noel, on Leadership Training I was very interested to join the class. I started the class in January, and so far, I have learnt a lot from Prophet Charmaine Noel’s teaching, I enjoy being in her classes every Monday I have learnt so much about how to be a Leader in Ministry at home and about Corporate Leadership and about Praise and worship especially I liked the teaching on spontaneous worship. I am applying everything I have learnt so far in my everyday life. Thank you, Prophet Charmaine Noel.

Sheril Bowyer

My spiritual walk has been like an obstacle course, but by pushing myself and listening to the different teachings from Spiritual Leadership to now the book of Genesis my life has changed drastically. I clearly understand now who I am in Christ and whose I am, and stand when I need to and be still when I need to. My personal relationship and walk with God has certainly grown. I thank the Almighty God for you Prophet Charmaine, may God continue to do his tremendous work through you.

The spirit of the Lord began revealing so much in these teachings the way Prophet explained, never have I heard teachings like this before. I was now even more determined to enroll in E-College.

My name is Liz, I was told about the E College from a family member. I heard about Prophet Charmaine Noel but never listened to her sermons. However, I was sent some teachings on the book of Revelation last year 2020, I was also down for that entire year because of a knee injury, it was a difficult time in my life. I decided that in this period I needed to draw even closer to God, so I started listening continuously to the lessons.


In one of the classes on Prophetic Praise and Worship, there has been a sense of change in my prayer life. Prior to the classes I honestly rarely used to pray and would get distracted easily.  Now, I would feel a need to pray, to spend time with my heavenly Father and have a desire to know Him more every day. In doing this, there was a sense of joy and liberty I would feel afterwards.

Jen Baptiste

The teaching I have been exposed to has exceeded all of my expectations. Much of what I am learning now has shattered much of the religious teachings which I previously embraced. The Leadership Module, specifically the class on “What Invalidates a Leader” brought me face to face with my “real self”. I saw fruit that did not belong to Christ and I was challenged to examine my walk with Christ by looking in the mirror of His Word.

Alicia C. Regis

The best decision I ever made in my life was giving my life to the Lord being in Chris is living a life knowing that you are always taking care of ,as long as you are living in his spirit and not in the Flash knowing you having him as your own personal savior and in every situation ,he is always there to cover you with his loving Grace, his blessings that you could never lose walking in the right path having that faith because if you don’t know his words and have that personal experience with him you will not be able to have the ability to express your thoughts feelings and experiences in life with others and it all  comes by knowing the  word of God  it help you to have faith in Christ if you truly give your life to Christ you can never be the same person again trust me talking from experiences he never faith you, be encouraged today and know he is more than able to help you, in every situation in life without the test there is no testimony, this might be very hard for most of you to understand but he choose me i did not choose him i was a Hindu and know one could not tell me about any other religion but believe me to God you cannot read the Bible and do Hindu prayers God will make you choose at a point in time and it don’t be nice trust me give  your life to the Lord today, before it is too late don’t let man lead you to Christ allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to Christ because when he those you will never go back to your own ways anymore your peace  joy and comfort come from the Lord not man only the Lord  being in Christ his grace lives in you so your expectations only must comes from him that   is the  only way you can be filled in life take it from me I have been there and gaining the experience and have the wisdom knowledge and understanding in Christ is the most  loving and passionate experience you could ever ask for in life  many may judge me but I only answer to one person and that’s God it all about the heart  that’s what he desires from us all love just as he did for us all now  it our time to do the same spiritual classes have taught me so many things in life I am so grateful for my teacher a mother a leader and much more in this world Prophet mom because of her today I could stand strong   and able to help and encourage others in the world to day it do not only change my life but the way most people see me and my house hold there is so much more to learn so be encouraged in life and join us in this journey together as one you can do so much thing and Christ to help others you will be amazed the Holy Spirit takes complete control I knew until life just completely tuned around trust me yours respectfully Tara Rampersad love always. Not only will you experience Spiritual growth and maturity in these sessions but as I have been experiencing personally, deliverance!


Being a part of the E-college study has brought revelation to me in so many ways. It has taught me to understand salvation in a way I could not have imagined, know how to praise and worship God so I can hear His voice more clearly as well as how to read and understand the Bible. I have drawn so much closer to God and have seen evidence of His goodness in my life as I grow in knowledge and obedience. Highly recommended for every Christian at any stage in your journey.


When this teachings on E-COLLEGE began I was happy because I want to get knowledge on topics that are really interesting, or at least I thought that, the reality was other, I don’t just get Knowledge what I get and am getting on each class it’s experience at first hand with the King and only God our Lord Jesús. After finishing the first course on Spiritual leadership I really find myself in a place of firmness, focus and for first time I get a compass, a divine one, on my walking with God and a clear direction where He is taking me. That was great but then comes the first class on prophetic praise and worship, in the next few days I was at home on my bed doing exactly what was taught by Mom Prophet Charmaine and suddenly a breeze blow on my face and God entered my room. He literally entered my room, was right next to my bed, I could not talk anymore just to keep quiet and incline my head because a deep, very deep feeling of reverence surprised me. The very King was there next to me, that day I understood the more we become close to Him and spend time with Him that He is our Father but He also is The Universe King. The classes continue and each single one take us into a deep intimacy, understanding, knowledge and experience with God, if you and I walk in obedience to what is been taught by Holy Spirit through Mom/Prophet Charmaine. God bless.

Mario Otero

Charmaine Noel’s bible E-College primary focus is not about providing theology, it is about allowing the believer to have an encounter with Christ Himself that leaves you transformed into His image and likeness. My desire has always been to know God in an intimate way. For years, I yearned to study and more importantly, understand the Word of God. However, because of teachings/doctrines that were not directly from the throne of God, my eyes were restrained and my spiritual growth became stagnant. My life both spiritually and naturally was in complete disarray. This all changed by enrolling in the School of the Prophets and subsequently the bible E-College, which both my husband and I attend. Genuine transformation of our hearts/minds began and has since surpassed all of our expectations. The experience of these teachings are as though you are sitting at the feet of Jesus, hearing revelations directly from His mouth, words that hold such truth and power that it brings immediate deliverance and healing to your mind, body and soul. I urge all those who desire to experience peace, love and joy in these uncertain times to join this great outpouring from Heaven. If you desire to know the heart and mind of God towards you, your family, the world, and to understand every aspect thereof in His Word, then this E-College is for you. As our teacher/mentor, prophet Charmaine Noel said, “This is an investment in your spiritual growth”, however, it will be one to which you will reap returns from now until eternity.